Residential & Rural Management‚Äč

Hayden Tree Service offers management solutions for all locations and land sizes

Land Clearing

Hayden Tree Service provides a hassle free approach to all your land clearing needs. Including thinning of the lower canopy, stump excavation and stump grinding, through to total vegetation clearing

Tree Removal

Hayden Tree Service provides complete and partial tree removal using only the best skills and technology to ensure the safety and preservation of all surrounding assets. We pride ourselves in assessing the site and progressing through the hazards to ensure all safety is highly observed.

Selective Pruning

Tree removal should be the last resort. No one wants a healthy tree to be removed. Hayden Tree Service provides recommendations, and long term solutions for not only the trees health but your safety. Selective pruning can be carried out on all types of trees large and small.

Dead Wood Removal

Hayden Tree Service provides all removal of dead dying and dangerous limbs or trees, ensuring the safety of your assets and loved ones.

Crane Work

Hayden Tree Service provides all crane work as an integral part of the total tree services. Cranes are used to minimise disruption to the environment and provides a safe solution for all those hard to reach areas that can often work out cheaper than comparable tree work without a crane.

Stump Grinding

Stumps are a nuisance when left. Hayden Tree Service provides your complete tree removal with all stump grinding and clean up of site. Using a range of stump grinders for different site access requirements can make the job seamless.

Access width required: 900mm

No stump too big or small!

The Little One

The Big One

Leaf Mulch

Whether its total vegetation we have removed for you or just that unwanted timber on your site, Hayden Tree Service provides wood chipping, complete clean up of your site and can deliver leaf mulch and wood chip upon request.

24 Hour Tree Emergency Service

Hayden Tree Service Pty Ltd recognises the stresses that emergencies can cause. We provide 24 hour assistance to ensure the safety of your assets and loved ones is met as quickly as possible. We provide all insurance works that need to be carried out and will liaise direct with your insurance company.

Hayden Tree Service Pty Ltd is a contractor for the State Emergency Service.